Overview of the role

Providing technical support to transport planners to help manage and improve transport services and systems.

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Details of standard

Job description

Transport planning technicians provide technical support to professional transport planners in the preparation, assessment and implementation of policies, plans and projects to manage and improve local, regional, national and international transport systems, services and their connections with land use planning to support economic growth, protect the environment and support social cohesion. All Transport Planning Technicians will have a broad skills base, however, it is likely that some technicians may specialise in a particular element. This breadth of skills reflects that of professional transport planners, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds including mathematics, engineering and the social sciences. Transport planning technicians work both for public sector authorities and private sector companies.

A transport planning technician's work could involve contributing to:

  • the planning and design of transport and traffic policies, plans, schemes and systems
  • collecting, preparing and presenting data, written information and analyses to inform the development of policies, plans and projects
  • modelling transport and traffic systems
  • assessing the impacts of possible transport measures
  • the development and implementation of travel planning (Smart Travel) schemes
  • the successful delivery of projects working as a member of a team

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