One-on-One Apprentice Series – William May from BDP

One-on-One Apprentice Series – William May from BDP
Why do you feel your apprenticeship was important to your career?
My apprenticeship was important to my career as I am more of a practical learner and learn best with hands on experience which is what the apprenticeship offers.

What were your biggest challenges and what did you learn?
The biggest challenge was entering an environment in which I had no previous experience in. Fortunately I work with a great company filled with people who are willing to help you no matter how busy they are. I’ve learnt so much in the 5 months I’ve been here, in areas which I wouldn’t otherwise been subject to.

What would you say to those considering TAC or an engineering apprenticeship?
It doesn’t matter what your previous academic background is, whether its Sport, English, ICT, as long as you have the right attitude and a genuine interest in what you’re doing you’ll have no problems. The engineers here can teach you the science and maths behind everything but enthusiasm they can’t teach, enthusiasm relies on you.