One-on-One Apprentice Series – Robert Blayney from Arcadis

One-on-One Apprentice Series – Robert Blayney from Arcadis
Why an apprenticeship?
Due to the opportunity learn on the job whilst earning a salary, seem the most efficient and practical. Added to this experience of work surroundings allow you from an early age to be modelled into the ideal employee and earn more, further down the line. 

Describe your typical day?

A typical day at the office varies daily, as being an apprentice, with my company in particular, you experience a range of different commissions for example, I have worked with Clients such as Lloyds Banking Plc + Lexus Europe. 

What are your two favourite projects?
My two Favourite projects I’ve work on include Lloyds IDM/ATM rollout, as a QS I was paying contractors and savings on a 9 Million Pound programme. Also, Lexus Europe a project in Rotterdam for a new showroom I provided cost estimates for the project.

What are the highlights from your apprenticeship?
Highlights for me, new people you meet, school is very enclosed so you see the same people daily, with an apprenticeship you’re able to meet new people and able to learn from others experiences and backgrounds. Also, the satisfaction of getting a piece of work out which has had a deadline I feel is rewarding due to the pressure to get it out and the relief and satisfaction you get is like no other feeling.

What’s the most rewarding part of your apprenticeship?
The most rewarding part of my apprenticeship would be good responses to work you’ve done and making other people’s lives easier. For example a colleague of mine was snowed down with work I was able to help and he was exceptionally grateful for that, but mainly getting great feedback from the clients, as well as seeing a project you were able to contribute to used, and loved by people.

What advice do you have for potential apprentices?
My advice to potential apprentices , do something you know/ or think you would enjoy apply for a role you would see yourself doing 10yrs down the line, I know a woman who wants to be an accountant but applied to be a Team secretary role, she hates every day not only that it’s a waste of time. Also be open to work, accept all forms, don’t think you’re above it, at this stage it is good to get on peoples good side and be known for doing a good job. Don’t be afraid of being wrong, you’re at the lowest stage in a business with minimal pressure on you, it is better to get it wrong now and learn than 10yrs on when it all becomes more serious.

What are your plans after your apprenticeship?
My plans are to progress on to the next stage of the apprenticeship, at present I’m doing level 3, after completion I look to move forward on to level 6 which is the next academic step where I attend 1 day per week at a University of my choice.