One-on-One Apprentice Series – Jake Kearney from BDP

One-on-One Apprentice Series – Jake Kearney from BDP
Continuing ACE Group and TAC's celebration of apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week, we would like to highlight the experiences of Jake as an apprentice.

Why do you feel your apprenticeship was important to your career?

By being an apprentice it gives me the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and gain experience at a younger age. 

What were your biggest challenges and what did you learn?

My biggest challenge was learning something completely new from scratch. I found the best way around this was to just ask questions and take what people tell you on board.

What would you say to those considering TAC or an engineering apprenticeship?
If you are considering an engineering apprenticeship I would highly recommend it due to the amount of progress you can make towards your career.