Civil Engineering Degree Apprentice - Interview

Civil Engineering Degree Apprentice - Interview

This month Kingston University caught up with Jason Farahmand, who is currently enrolled on the newly-introduced Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeship scheme working with TAC member Tony Gee.

Jason, what first attracted you to the degree apprenticeship scheme?
As a previous student at South Thames College, I was given a talk from Kingston University representatives about the course.  I was attracted to the degree apprenticeship because I liked the idea of being able to continue earning a salary working for Tony Gee, and having the opportunity to work towards my degree.  Being a father of twins, I wouldn’t have been able to afford to go to university and further develop my career as I am doing today.

Why Kingston University?
I chose Kingston University as they are one of the only universities that have managed to cope with the late start to the course.  They had a very structured plan to get the apprentices caught up to the full time Civil Engineering students, and have provided excellent support.

What do you enjoy most about this scheme?
I enjoy being able to meet new people from other companies, going through the same course as I am.  This gives me an insight into the type of work others do in different departments and companies.

Tell us a little bit about the work-based modules you study and your involvement with the Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE)?
The work based module I am doing in the first academic year is very applicable to what I do at work.  This makes the content much more interesting to study, as it means I can apply this knowledge to make me more competent in my working environment.  Currently I am learning about BIM (Building Information Modelling) in further depth than I previously knew about it.  This is very applicable to work as I am currently being put as BIM Lead on quite a few structures projects, meaning I need the understanding of BIM processes.  I am currently in the process of applying for EngTech status with the ICE, and I plan to continue recording any CPD activities with the ICE.

Tell us more about your job at Tony Gee?
I am currently a Civil Engineer Apprentice at Tony Gee and Partners.  My main responsibility at my company is to produce accurate drawings and models using software such as Revit and AutoCAD, that provide detailed information for the construction team on site to build from.  In addition to this, I have taken on management responsibilities such as writing licence management scripts to reduce the overuse of Bentley software licences at Tony Gee.  I also provide a lot of support for the BIM Manager.

What are your plans after graduating?
After graduating I will have 7 years of experience working in the industry, this will mean I will be able to apply straight for Incorporated Engineer status with the Institute of Civil Engineers.  I will then look to work for a few more years before applying to become a member of the Institute of Structural Engineers.

Thank you Jason for providing us with a detailed insight into the degree apprenticeship scheme.  We wish you every success in your course, your job at Tony Gee and your future endeavours.

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