Meet the Apprentices...

Bethanie Wright

Age: 19

Company: Clancy Consulting Ltd.

Apprenticeship Programme
Civil Structural Advanced Technician Apprenticeship

What do you enjoy most about your work?
Being able to contribute to a real live project. I now appreciate how much hard work is put into designing a building, and ensuring it fulfils the specifications to the highest standard. What may seem like a simple structure is in fact far from basic! I love how the apprenticeship has helped me develop numerous new skills, whilst still being able to earn and climb the career ladder.

What project(s) are you working on at the moment?
Working with Clancy’s has given me the opportunity to be involved with a broad range of projects, rather than be restrained to a certain specialism. One day I’ll be aiding in the detailing of housing developments, and the next I’ll be researching circus tent fixings!

One high profile project I’ve helped with recently is that of the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon. The £4m scheme, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Jaguar Land Rover, will see the construction of a new museum collections centre, to store over 200 historic British cars. The designs feature a vehicle restoration workshop and facilities for enhanced lifelong learning opportunities. I took part in the preparation of details for both structural aspects and Civils’ works.

What does a typical day at work involve?
I am given the responsibilities of a typical Civil Engineering Technician, mostly consisting of AutoCAD work, with the odd calculation and site visit thrown in.

What do you see as the biggest challenges in your job?
Not directly related to work – but waking up at 6.00am every weekday will continue to be the hardest thing for me...
Completing a full time college course part time, combining with full time work, demands a lot of energy and hard work. Assignments are done after hours, and also during the weekend. It’s easy to lose motivation, but keeping up with everything encourages me to be organised and pro-active, which are skills that will certainly benefit me in the long term.

What made you choose to do an Advanced Technician Apprenticeship?
Ever since a very young age I have always had a pictorial mind. When asked to produce a small scale structure which could be tested against environmental elements, withstand imposed loads, and also satisfy aesthetically, I implemented my own concept which involved bringing the outside, inside; complete with a transparent roof and an indoor garden. With my family’s construction background and my enthusiasm about the engineering of the modern day environment, my project came out top in class by a significant margin. Ever since, I have always dreamed of the opportunity to become involved with the design and construction of the built environment.

Although I enjoyed my 6th form studies, I was extremely eager to enter the working environment so that I could have an input on the developing structures of today’s society. Therefore I left prematurely to pursue work within a professional environment with more valuable growth opportunities. Although a risk, I was rewarded for my efforts, and am continuing to grow and develop my knowledge. I am currently in the second year of my apprenticeship, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I am extremely grateful for the support and opportunities my company has provided me with. I am currently on track to achieve a Distinction* Distinction*, which if all my results go to plan, should give me a real firm foundation in this industry, for which I am truly excited to be a part of.
What are the benefits?

I am preparing for my professional review, which is due to take place in summer 2015. EngTech and TMICE are recognised all around the world. By gaining this accreditation it shows employers and clients that you are competent in your field of work. The acknowledged status certainly helps getting ahead compared to the usual route many young people choose today.

What are your future plans?
Most engineers enter the sector with the desire ‘to make a difference’. At some point, I would love to get involved in engineering though International Aid work. This kind of emergency engineering can make a real difference through setting up and maintaining temporary camps in areas affected by natural disasters. Engineers can also work with the provision of clean water supplies, more resistant shelter, and stronger transport routes in countries less developed than our own.

For instance after the Haiti earthquakes in 2012, engineers developed and distributed 2550 temporary shelters, and supplied 20,000 reinforcement kits to those affected.

I will definitely keep working at Clancy’s. They have provided me with such great opportunities and support in the early stage of my career. It’s a very flexible and family orientated company. I’m very excited for the development that they will assist me with both within my career and as an individual.

I have STEM induction very soon, so I hope to become more involved with that work and encourage talented individuals to enter the industry with enthusiasm.

What do you enjoy doing outside work?
I am a keen sportswoman, I have achieved the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership and have competed in many cross country races. I enjoy swimming, leading me to gain various awards such as my honours certificate and also the completion of a junior life saving course. Additionally I have enjoyed horse riding, and attended events in which I have aided in the showing of horses. In the past I have also kayaked, rock climbed and gorge walked. I have a passion for expressing myself through Art, which has been recognised through numerous awards, such as the Tim Russell Art Prize. More recently, I was commissioned to paint a portrait of my previous high school head teacher, testifying to my artistic nature.
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