Apprentice Case Study

Apprentice Case Study

Juran Ukereghe, Apprenticeship: Construction & the Built Environment @ Crofton Consulting

Studying: BEng(Hons) Building Services Engineering at London South Bank University. Progressed from a Level 3 Apprenticeship in BSE at South Thames College

 What made you choose to do an Apprenticeship?

Before I started my A Levels, I was sceptical about taking the traditional route to higher education as I was hearing from friends and family about how limited job opportunities are once you leave. The working whilst learning concept has always appealed to me as it provides employment stability whilst also challenging to me to aim higher and do better. I was in the first year of my A Levels in Product Design, Geography, Maths & Physics before deciding it was not for me and begun applying for apprenticeships.

 What are the benefits?

A big point is that you’re earning money and gaining experience at the same time, this is alongside having no student debt as your tuition fees are sponsored by your employer. In my case once I complete university, I will have 7 years’ experience in consultancy which will be unrivalled compared with my traditional peers. It also helps you adapt to the working environment from school in a gradual way, there is less pressure for you to perform out of the box like you would have if you had just completed university. Throughout your apprenticeship you grow up and mature a lot faster than you would traditionally.

 What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy seeing the progress from initial thoughts and ideas through to project completion. I also relish in finding solutions to engineering problems and technical challenges.

I’m currently working on designing 2 new cinemas within a grade II listed theatre in King’s Lynn. Some of the ongoing projects I’m also involved in are 4 blocks of 180 apartments in Hammersmith, a large office block in Chelmsford and a secondary school in the Midlands.

 What are your future plans?

My next challenge is to complete my degree and then move on to acquiring further professional qualifications with CIBSE and IET. I plan to carry on gaining experience by working on various types of projects for different sectors to round my engineering knowledge. A goal of mine is to move up to a higher role and manage a team of engineers.